The SW Experts | The Break-Up Band-Aid
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The Break-Up Band-Aid

the break up band aid

Nothing hurts quite like a break-up. Similar to allergies, your condition may include a pain in your chest and watery eyes. Maybe it hurts like a sprained ankle, making it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. But like both maladies, the sting of a break-up will subside over time. You may doubt you’ll heal, but trust me… you will.

A Break-Up Band-Aid is exactly what the doctor ordered to promote break-up healing. Here’s a list of ten things to consider doing to create the band-aid that will get you back to YOU!

1. Make a meal that you rarely cooked because your Ex hated it.

My Ex always looked down on Skyline Chili, a Cincinnati tradition of chili over spaghetti topped with cheddar and oyster crackers. Post break-up, I made it once a week for a month, and it tasted even better each serving.

2. Burn off those calories by amping up your fitness program.

Break-ups sometimes leave us feeling like we have no control over situations. Control over our own fitness regimen is something simple to exercise, and it leaves us sporting a perfect body and confidence as we re-enter the dating scene. Elle Woods was right about endorphins; you’ll feel happier by the minute at the gym, and that happy feeling will translate into your daily life.

3. Reconnect with neglected friends.

There’s always at least one friend that was back burnered during your past relationship. Reach out to those friends and plan an evening out. You’ll be happy you did.

4. Don’t call that boyfriend/girlfriend from several years back.

It’s easy to seek solace from an old flame, but it’s the quickest way to get burned. Remember that an old partner may be comfortable like a bowl of macaroni and cheese, but that old partner is your Ex for a reason.

5. Get in touch with your spiritual side.

Be it church, shul or a walk in the park, work on your relationship with your God. It will leave you happy, relaxed and inspired.

6. Make no rash decisions on Social Media.

Don’t be so quick to delete any evidence of your last relationship on Social Media. It’s easy to make a quick decision based on anger, but in a month or two you may regret the choice. For a while, look at is a gallery of your history and make decisions at a later date.

[Tweet “Don’t be so quick to delete any evidence of your last relationship on Social Media #breakups”]

7. Consider shaking up your look.

Maybe a new hairstyle or sporting the latest fashion trend, shaking up your physical presentation will give you a fresh perspective both externally and internally (besides, a little shopping will always lift your spirits!).

8. Plan a vacation.

Nothing beats the post relationship blues like the excitement of an adventure. Planning a vacation will give you something exciting to anticipate in your future.

9. Write a killer online dating profile.

Remember one thing when writing that online dating profile… the mission is to sell YOU as the perfect date. Don’t write about what you seek in a potential date. Write about what your potential date is getting by choosing you!

10. Remind yourself everyday that you’re a catch.

Your new chapter begins with you. Like the movie, Field of Dreams, if you build it they will come. The confidence that comes with accepting the fact that you’re a catch will make you walk a little taller and smile a little bigger. Knowing you’re a catch will create an inner magnet that will draw people to you.

I’m sure there are more band-aids in the box, but using these ten will get you going in the right direction toward break-up recovery. When a break-up has left you sidelined, use the band-aids of your choice and allow ample time for healing to occur. Once you feel that you’ve successfully healed the wounds of a failed relationship, just swiftly remove the band-aid and get back into the game!