The SW Experts | The Bullpen Conundrum
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the bullpen conundrum

The Bullpen Conundrum


Bullpen – Usually in sports is somewhere people sit and wait or warm up before entering a game.

Today in dating bullpens do exist and are more prevalent than ever before. This is where someone is encouraged but stopped short of a French kiss when it comes down to the nitty-gritty. You might think that it’s a similar to the friend zone but someone who is in the bullpen will not be described as ‘like a brother’ or ‘like a sister’ although it’s portrayed as such. The person in the bullpen is usually the next player to come off the bench, and is dominated by men because they are more alacritous to play the waiting game.

We sometimes fail to understand why we get all the go ahead signals but when we do go ahead and make our move we are discouraged (note how it’s not rejected). This is to keep you interested and not give up all-together because they have a plan for us. Here are some signs to help you recognize if you’re in the bullpen.

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They always have plans but are able to squeeze you in at the last minute.

This just means they are exploring other avenues and when those avenues lead nowhere what they have saved for a rainy day in their bullpen comes into play.

They let you know that their relationship or love life is not doing well.

This is to give you hope, when you know things aren’t great your state of mind is taken over by the euphoric state of inevitability; your time is near.

There is more texting than actual phone calls

Most people who go through this way of communication are the millennials or thereabouts, we do like a bit of texting but you have to recognize the signs. If you’ve been texting for a while, late night texting instead of a call is a very good indicator it’s not your turn yet.

Displays of affection and emotion are rarely seen

A job you have been tasked with is to take care of yourself and if you don’t do that you will get hurt, thus you can’t let anyone in. People come across very cold nowadays since one week you can think you’ve struck gold and the next week you can get ghosted. Withholding displays of affection and emotion is expected to occur but not too non-existing for a long time.