The SW Experts | The Energy of Sex
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The Energy of Sex

The Energy of Sex


Let’s face it, sex feels good. Can you remember the first time you discovered how good your privates felt? It feels even better when you have a partner to help you. But, did you know that there is more than something physical going on during the act? There is the energetic component to it.

Scientist says that you can’t destroy energy, however you can change its form. Psychics, energy healers, and Reiki practitioners all use this energy. Healers sense the person’s energy in order to heal. Psychics read the energy to give messages. Each psychic and healer does this in their own unique way, whether they sense the energy with their five senses or six senses.  They can do this in person, over the phone, an email, or in a meditation. The energy has no distance which is the reason psychic and energy practitioners can heal and/or read around the world.

What does this have to do with sex? When you have sex with someone it goes beyond the genital organs and parts of the body. You are also taking on their energy! I will try to explain the major energy systems as simply as I can. There are more minor energy systems and you can always do more research on the subject.  Everyone has seven main chakras that represent our basic needs, creativity/emotional/sexuality part of us, personal power, love, verbal expression, third eye, and spiritual connection to source. There are different layers of the aura – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. These energy fields store our stuff.
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Would you like to know what kind of stuff they carry? In a nutshell, our unresolved issues. When you have sex with someone, you take on the energy of those issues. Here is a further explanation for you. Every day when we interact with people, we attach energetic cords to them without consciously knowing it. Which is why we become close to a person. These energetic cords make lovers become entangled and the reason it is often hard to let someone go after a breakup. Cord cutting is a tool that you can use to help release someone, but often it needs to be done over and over to release the energy.

Let’s say you meet someone who was recently dumped and wants casual sex to get over it. All those stored up emotions (hurt, anger, fear, resentment, and so on) are stored in their heart and emotional aura. If you have intercourse with that hurting person in the missionary position, your heart is wide open to their heart chakra, and all those emotional/issue heart chakra energy pours into your heart. A different sexual position will lessen the impact, but it is still in their emotional and mental aura, and you will be affected.

One night of sexual fun can cause havoc on your energy, besides causing unwanted pregnancy and diseases. This is worse for women because their sexual organs are based in their sacral (2nd) chakra where the creativity/emotional/sexual energy is. Men’s sexual organs are closer to the root (1st) chakra, which represents our basic needs. The majority of women becomes more emotionally involved and attached to their partner after having sex. Men have an easier time of detaching emotionally once the act is over with. The chakras help explain why men and women act so differently when it comes to sex.

You might be thinking this is a bunch of woo woo, mumbo jumbo, crap. It wouldn’t be the first time someone thought that about me and my work. Even if you don’t believe in the energy part of it, look at it from the disease, unwanted pregnancy point. Please don’t jump into the sack with a stranger. Take your time and get to know them a little. You may find out you really don’t like them. There is nothing worse than discovering you don’t like someone after they saw you naked and touched you!

Whatever, your understanding regarding the energy of sex, think before you get naked! Sex is fun. When love is involved, it is no longer sex, it becomes lovemaking, and that is the most bliss state of all!