The SW Experts | The Highly Anticipated “Fifty Shades” Trailer Has Arrived
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fifty shades of grey trailer

The Highly Anticipated “Fifty Shades” Trailer Has Arrived

"Fifty Shades" trailer

It’s here!!!!! Are you as excited and turned on by this news as I am? Yes, I’m talking about the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trailer, what else would I be talking about? Come on, you probably tuned in to Scandal on Thursday night JUST to see the commercial! Ok, maybe not, but let me tell you, it’s kinky, hot, and deliciously enticing; and between the fabulous Beyoncé music, and the risqué sex scenes, you can pretty much guess where I’m going to be spending my Valentines Day next year.

The Highly Anticipated “Fifty Shades” Trailer Has Arrivedl Watch it Now!

Perhaps you didn’t know this about me, but I LOVE a little rough sex, light bondage, teasing, seducing, spanking and everything in between. I’m not a professional dominatrix by any means, I don’t have any leather whips (yet); but I’d say I’m fairly experimental, and enjoy mixing it up quite a bit.

For example, with a recent sexual partner, I had no trouble climbing on top of him, tying up his wrists so he couldn’t move, tying his feet to the bed so I could perfectly tease every inch of his body with my tongue, finger nails, ice cubes, teeth, and much much more. Not to mention he was blindfolded the whole time. Oh, and the best part of that night was the fact that he didn’t hesitate to return the favor and tie me up and spank me for being such a bad, bad girl, teasing him to erotic bliss.

Let’s Talk About How Much We Like Sex

What turns me on most about this movie is the fact that men and women are getting more comfortable admitting to enjoying all different types of sex, and that the traditional “hush-hush” attitude about what’s “appropriate” in the bedroom mentality is slowly fading away. People aren’t afraid to hold their copy of “Fifty Shades” on the subway, or even bring it up as something they’ve read, because EVERYONE is talking about it.

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Coming Out as a Sexual Deviant; Why I Love “Fifty Shades”

fifty shades of grey trailerWhat has “Fifty Shades” taught me? Basically, that it’s okay to be a sexual deviant. Well, to be fair, I wouldn’t give all of the credit to Christian Grey, but the fact of the matter is, that he has helped revolutionize the way embracing sexual fetishes and fantasies has become more of the norm, which has led to a more openly accepting society. For me personally, that’s translated into me being comfortable talking about my own sexuality, and has given me the drive and passion to openly write about my own sex life. One of my hopes is that through open and candid sharing of my own experiences, I’ll pass on the inspiration to others as well.

Let’s Properly Honor “Fifty Shades”

While we count down the days until Valentines day, what are you going to do to pass the time? You want to know what I’m going to do? Let…me…think. Oh, have lots of hot, kinky sex? Yes, that’s exactly right! Hot orgasmic bliss certainly makes the days more enjoyable, so get your leather on, tie up your lover to the post of your bed, visit a local sex toy shop and buy your partner something sexy to play with, or whatever you happen to enjoy to get off. You can rest assured (and get excited) by the fact that that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing!