The SW Experts | The Growth of Unusual Sex Toys
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sex toys

The Growth of Unusual Sex Toys

growth of sex toys

Our Changing Attitudes to Sex

As we’ve grown more comfortable using sex toys, many more unusual toys have been introduced to the market.

It’s no secret that we’re a nation who love sex toys. They’ve become part of many people’s sex life and play a part in both foreplay and the main event. So it’s only natural that sex toys themselves have been changing during recent years. We’ve come a long way from basic vibrators – now there’s a toy for almost anything. With toys having all kinds of bells and whistles and coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, there’s never been a better time to add to your collection.

Where it began

Even ten years ago, we were far less open about using sex toys than we are now. Shows like Sex and the City (remember Charlotte and her Rabbit?!) changed people’s ideas about sex, and taught them that it didn’t need to be banished to the bedroom – it could be part of a bigger conversation. So as couples and singletons alike became more comfortable using toys, the choice on offer grew. However, SATC wasn’t the biggest sexual cultural awakening. No, that one came a little bit later on…

The Fifty Shades effect

There’s no denying that Fifty Shades of Grey totally changed our attitude to sex toys. Suddenly, we weren’t just thinking about using a vibrator for foreplay and leaving it there. No, that wasn’t enough! As we read all about Anastasia and Christian’s exploits in the bedroom, it became clear that the more toys the better! Nipple clamps, Ben Wa balls and even butt plugs were on the shopping lists of women all over the world. They were keen to try out everything that they’d read about in the book with their own partners – and boy, did they! We were all having more sex than ever, and this time, the toys weren’t just a supporting act. They were part of the main show.

We’ve become more adventurous

So how has this influenced the rise of unusual sex toys? Well, we’ve become a lot braver when it comes to buying toys. Thanks to having our eyes opened by books and television, we’re much more open to trying something new. Considering that most people own sex toys, that means taking things up a level and trying something a little more unorthodox. Also, more women are blogging sex toy reviews, which means everybody else can make a more informed decision before buying – a sexy toy is obviously not something that can be returned if you change your mind!

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The development of these toys

Most unusual sex toys have developed from something far tamer. For example, most vibrators take inspiration from the Rabbit – think dual clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Now though, they’re hands free, waterproof and decked out with ridges and spines to increase sensation even further. There are even some clitoral vibrators out there that can be worn over your underwear. So you don’t even need to get your clothes off to get your rocks off! Add to the mix anal toys and cock rings, and there’s no part of our bodies that can’t be pleasured.

What will you buy next?

So have you eschewed your bullet for something a little more advanced? If you have, you’re certainly in good company. More and more of us are adding something weird and wonderful to our sex toy collections. If you’re tempted to do so, then there’s plenty of choice out there. Just think about what you’d like a toy to do for you and you’ll be sure to find something that’s a little out-there to scratch that itch.