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The Love List

The Love List


People spend years in school to help create their careers in life. We search the internet for the perfect car, latest mobile phone, or the right doctor. What humans neglect and get very little knowledge on is personal relationships, especially love relationships. We believe a love relationship will come magically come into our lives and make everything better. The society helps to that belief through movies and romance novels. If relationship and parenting skills were required educations, what a better world this would be.

The example I like to use is, “Would you go into an auto dealership and ask for a vehicle?” The salesperson would give you a strange look and ask for more details – make, model, two door, four door, new, used, and color. You might be thinking I would never do that and know what kind of vehicle you want. My question to you is, “Do you truly know what you want in a relationship? If you do, have you written it down?” There is something about writing it down on paper, typing it on a computer and laptop, or even doing it in your mobile phone, that helps manifest it into your life.

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You might be thinking that you don’t want a committed relationship and what you really desire is companionship and sex. If that is the case, write it down and what your idea person would be. The only thing I ask of you is that you are upfront and honest with whoever comes into your life. When you are misleading in your intention you could bring in a crazy and needy people as I described in my article 3 Tips to Avoid Crazy and Needy Women. Women who just want a causal relationship can also benefit from reading it.

The Love List works very well for singles who want a committed relationship. A woman might be tempted to put on the list – tall, board shoulders, blonde or brown hair, and rich. A man could put down in shape, big boobs, rich, and wants to have sex all the time. There is nothing wrong with wanting those things, however, the list works best with the inner qualities of a person. A good way to help you with what those inner qualities are, is to think about being in the latter part of your life.  Everyone’s looks fade, what assets would you want your mate to have in your golden years?

Some of the following were on my list when I was single:

  • Single – it sounds silly, but you could attract someone who has everything that you want that is in a relationship or married.
  • Accepts me for who I am – this was a biggie for me because some men got weirded out upon finding out I was psychic. I know I’m not the only one who wants to be accepted, because most people want to be loved for who they are, not someone’s opinion about their potential.
  • Honest and compassionate – it is very hard to have a good relationship with someone who lies and only cares about themselves.
  • We are physically attracted to each other – if there is no chemistry it is impossible to be in a love relationship. I didn’t put down what he had to look like and trusted the universe to bring a man I was attracted to. It worked out for both of us!
  • He only wants to be with me and in a committed relationship – he could have had all the above qualities but not want commitment.
  •  He had to love animals and my kitties – I love animals and my cats are like my children. It would have been very difficult to be in a relationship with someone who did not like my cats.

I know for a fact the list works because it did for me. He had the majority of what I wanted on the list. It is rare for anyone to have all the qualities that you desire because no one is perfect. Please try to be specific as possible because the list has amazing results. A former coach of mine thought it would be nice to for his mate to have an accent. He was thinking a French, Spanish, or Southern accent. He wrote accent on his list. His wife has a New York accent! That was not the accent he was looking for, but she had many of the other qualities.

If you need further help with your list, I have a free video tutorial you can watch at my Pivotshare channel here

Happy list writing!