The SW Experts | The Nice Guy’s Guide to Bad Boy Sex
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The Nice Guy’s Guide to Bad Boy Sex

the nice guys guide to bad boy sex

“You like it when I do that to you, don’t you?”

I whispered in her ear, as I held her close to me, as much of our skin touching as possible.

Her body shuddering with wave after wave after wave of rich, intense orgasm.

She laid on my bed almost in a trance, telling me how amazing I am, how much better I am than her boyfriend, and how I seem to just get her. She would’ve gotten up sooner, but she actually couldn’t feel her hands or her feet.

“You’re such a bad boy…”

She whimpered in the cutest way, reaching out to me and squeezing my arm, still purring with an attentive gaze, not wanting me to leave the bed without her.

Moments later, she joined me in the shower to clean up, and that’s when I realised one very important thing about women, nice guys, and bad boys.

Girls come for the bad boy. Not for the nice guy.

Because the fact of the matter is that she may want to be with the nice guy (you), but she’s sleeping with bad boys on the side to get her bad boy fix in for the week.

As a nice guy, myself, I’ve experienced being cheated on this way several times, and now that I see the other side (where girls come to me to get away from their nice guy boyfriends), I want to make sure that you have the nice guy’s guide to bad boy sex at your disposal.

With this one small tweak in how you treat your girlfriend in the bedroom, you’ll never have to worry about her sleeping with other guys, or even thinking about other guys again.

If you’ve ever had any doubts about her friendships with certain guys, then I know this is something tremendously important to you, and might even be on your mind right now.

Here’s the deal, dude… When it comes to the bedroom, living by your own rules and being your own authority is not only the ultimate turn on for women, it’s the nice guy’s guide to bad boy sex. It’s what I use every time I have a girl in the bedroom, and needless to say – they often come back for more.

Where nice guys normally go wrong is to wait for permission from his girlfriend to do what he wants to her in bed. I shouldn’t have to tell you that asking for permission in the bedroom is a major turn off for women. One of the biggest complaints I hear about nice guys from women is that they don’t ever “take control” in the bedroom.

If you’ve ever heard this complaint, then what she wants from you is precisely what I’m about to reveal to you as the nice guy’s guide to bad boy sex.

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What your girlfriend wants from you is for you to show her some of that inner bad boy spirit in the bedroom, so that she doesn’t have to find another guy to give her what she wants. She’s dying for you to start living by your own authority in the bedroom.

Examples help, so I’ll share with you one of my top tips.

Something a lot of bad boys do is find out what makes his girlfriend uncomfortable sexually and then slowly, but surely inch her towards experiencing it.

Fact of the matter is that what she’s uncomfortable with sexually could be anything, and doesn’t even have to make sense. It could be something her parents told her was not lady-like, or it could be something she’s experienced in the past that was painful, because the last guy she tried it with didn’t do it right.

You know exactly what you’d love to do with your girlfriend in the bedroom that meets the requirements of the nice guy’s guide to bad boy sex. All she’s waiting for is for you to “take control” of her, and get her to experience it with you. It might take some time, but no where near as much time as you might think.

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on the topic.