The SW Experts | The similarities between online dating and job applications and how to ace it
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dating and getting a job

The similarities between online dating and job applications and how to ace it


Ever felt like completing an online dating profile form is a lot like filling out a job application?

That’s because it is – you’re applying to be the potential romantic partner of more than a hundred singletons and you need to impress. Much like writing the ultimate CV that will make every potential employer weak at the knees, you need to dazzle your future sweetheart.

There are so many things that can trip you up in the pursuit of rocking that first online connection – from not selling yourself well enough to being a needy stalker and more but I am here to help you with a few of the tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Here are few similarities between online dating and job applications and how to ace it:

Sell yourself:

Cover letters aka your profile are important – it gives potential suitors an insight into who you are so go on and fill out all of the necessary fields, not matter how tedious they may be.

Omit the usual suspects i.e. I like long walks on the beach, I’m looking for my soulmate and you must love dogs. Rather tell all prospective partners what it is that drives you, makes your heart buoyant and the qualities of the life mate you’re looking for.

When they recognize themselves in that description they’ll contact you for sure.

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Know the company you’re applying to:

In this case, it’s that hottie whose pic you just can’t stop staring at. I know they’re cute but before you send off a banal “How ya doing?” message, step back and take some time to consider who you are writing to.

What makes them tick? What are their likes and dislikes? Pick one of their favourite movies or an activity they like and use that as an opening line …chances are greater that they’ll reply and engage.

Attach a photo:

Yes, yes, I know, one should never be judged on your looks but from experience, I can tell you I do not respond to messages from people without profile pics.

Speaking to virtual strangers is intimidating enough, not being able to see what they look like is just downright scary.

Grammar is important:

If you’re over 18, text speak is not cute. Just like you wouldn’t write a job application or email in shorthand, do not use it for your profile or your first contact with a potential date.

Using full words and sentences speaks volumes about you being a serious, mature individual who is someone worthy of engaging in conversation and meeting for possible dates.

Follow-up messages:

A once-off message to say thank you for responding to your message or checking out your profile is sufficient.

If they respond and start a conversation, that’s great but don’t be the needy guy or girl who keeps emailing someone in quick succession. It’s annoying and sure to get you labelled as a cyber stalker.

Next Steps:

Got them talking and now they want to meet you for a date? Congrats, you’ve reached the “interview” stage!

Be yourself, be thoughtful and interesting and most of all, have fun. Dating is a fantastic way of discovering what you do and do not want in a future partner.