The SW Experts | The Subtle Talent Hot Men Have in Common
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The Subtle Talent Hot Men Have in Common

The subtle talent hot men have in common is not his ability to maintain a 6 pack of abs, his high credit card limit, or even his mastery of certain erotic pleasures…no. What I’m talking about is something different. This is something that attracts women without the her even knowing that it’s happening. Yes, it’s that subtle. Do I have your attention? Okay good, because you’re all going to want to take note.

The subtle talent hot men have in common is…

the subtle talent the hottest men have in commonhis ability to make his partner feel appreciated, loved, and desired, and understood.  Most attractive men don’t worry so much about how many calories they eat on a daily basis, or stress about working out compulsively. Yes, that might be sexy to look at, but what most women want is to feel the regular and consistent gift of a man’s attention. When he listens to her complain about her frustrations at work, snuggles up with her on the couch, is affectionate with her out in public by holding her hand, introduces her to his friends and family, calls her every day, and through his actions shows her that she is important to him, she loves him more; and finds him even “hotter” and “sexier” because her instincts tell her that he likes her for exactly who she is, and that he’s proud to be with her.

Women want to feel important to their partners. That brings them a sense of security and comfort knowing that they don’t have to continue to search for another mate. When women feel secure in their relationship, and by secure I mean that she’s less worried about her mate leaving her for someone else, she’ll start seeing him as someone with more potential, which equates to more overall attraction. It might sound overly simplified, but it’s true!

Therefore, if there’s a woman that you like, make sure you let her know that she’s important to you.