The SW Experts | These 10 Signs Mean He Loves You
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These 10 Signs Mean He Loves You

Does He Love Me

Love is a wonderful feeling, which gives us wings and inspiration, nevertheless, love is tricky because no one can say for sure how it should look like. A lot of women have been brainwashed and have been given the false conception of love, which comes from melodramas, where the characters live in an ideal world.

In reality, love is much more complicated and a woman always tries to figure out whether her man loves her or not. In fact, this behavior is wrong because instead of enjoying the relationship, the woman lives in a world of her illusions, fears, and insecurities. Consequently, this behavior leads to a parting. You do not have to dwell on the thoughts of love because love should be felt, not analyzed.

On top of that, you should realize that if a man does not tell you about his feelings, it does not signify that they are absent. He may be afraid to open his soul and heart, or fear that his feelings are not mutual.

So, try to be patient and check out some signs, which can indicate his deep affection for you.

You’re Number One for Him

Love means accepting and giving care and attention. If your man makes you his top priority, then he truly loves you because only for the sake of his beloved a person eliminates selfishness. Your importance is manifested in many ways: for instance, he will never choose between you and his friends. He is happy to help you solve your problems, he always reacts with understanding to your requests and takes care of you with pleasure.

He Trusts You

Trust is a fundamental thing in a relationship, it is very hard to win but easy to lose. How do you know that the man trusts you? First of all, he is confident in your loyalty, he isn’t suspicious of you, isn’t jealous to the extreme level and he never spies on you. He knows that you won’t betray him.

Besides, he is not afraid to be himself with you. He speaks openly about his fears, failures, tells embarrassing stories, shares plans for the future because he sees you as part of it. Thus, if a man lets you into all areas of his life, then he is definitely into you.

He Is Affectionate

His feelings for you are not based on lust. On the contrary, they are far beyond just physical attraction. He is happy to hold your hand, he hugs you constantly because he likes to feel your warmth, he is always looking into your eyes and does not miss the opportunity to admire you.

Besides, he always brags about you and often tells you how lucky he is to be with you.


He Is Chivalrous

Your feelings do matter for him and he is always protective of you. For instance, he always wants to protect you from negative emotions, situations or rude people, he doesn’t let anybody hurt you. This instinct awakens only when the man is in love.

He Gives You Support

He has a special spot for you in his heart, that is why he helps you even to the detriment of his interests. He never looks for excuses, your feelings are important for him, so you can always count on him when you hit a rough patch.

He Fights for Your Love

A real man never quits without a fight. Even if things aren’t working out between you and you’re bickering all the time, he will do anything to save a relationship. Love teaches us to be tolerant, compromise and wipe the slate clean.

He Wants to Be Close All the Time

Being apart from you is a torture for him. It doesn’t matter what you do: go on dates, parties or sit at home – he wants to be constantly with you. He sends you cute I love messages and involves you in his routine life because he wants you to become a significant part of it.

Meeting the Parents

Parents are the most important people in life and nobody wants to upset them. That is why, if he asks you to meet with his parents, then definitely he fell for you. The man will never bring home the girl he doesn’t love.

He Is Attentive and Caring

He really cares about you and he isn’t indifferent to your life. Such trivial questions as: “Have you dressed warmly? Are you tired today? How was your day? Have you eaten?” may be his token of love because he sincerely wants to be sure that all is well with you.

Your Opinion Matters

He always asks for your opinion or a piece of advice, for him, it is a great sign of love and respect. He considers you an important person and a part of his life, that is why conferring with you is quite natural for him.

Thereby, if the man indulges in all mentioned gestures, then he loves you. But remember that you shouldn’t be obsessed with the idea of his love, it will drive him away. Instead of it, enjoy the present moment and give your beloved all your love, tenderness, and affection.