The SW Experts | 3 Types of People you Should Avoid when Online Dating
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3 types of people to avoid when online dating

3 Types of People you Should Avoid when Online Dating

Online dating websites are full of people who can’t get a date in the real world (for real reasons) even if you only judge by photos, it can be easy to pick out the ones that you should avoid at all cost. These are the

Three Types of People you Should Avoid when Online Dating:

1. The life of the party

online datingWhen going through someone’s profile if all you can see is a nightclub in the background, them drunk off their ass  and a constant reminder of how fun they are and how life is too short, you should probably not answer them back.  Unless you want to spend you entire relationship in the club, keep searching.

2. The photo-less individual.

If their profile has more photo’s of meme’s and scenery than of their full frontal face you are most likely dealing with a cheater or someone who doesn’t like their own looks.  Cheaters are people you should avoid when online dating.  Look out for those who’s initial photos are not of them or are not clear enough to be used  to recognize them in a crowded room.

3. The person who has two-too many bathroom, shirtless selfies.

You know the guy or girl, every other photo was taken in a bathroom or gym mirror.  We all get it, you have a great six pack, but no matter the lighting it doesn’t look any different from one photo to the next.  If their profile is full of how healthy they eat and how they like to run, jump, climb, bike and hike you may want to avoid them.  They may not have anything else to talk about other than their gym physique.