The SW Experts | Tips For Your Escort Photo Shoot
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Tips For Your Escort Photo Shoot

tips for your escort photo shoot

How To Look Great In Front of the Camera

A good escort photo shoot should show everyone how hot you are, and give potential clients a reason to pick up the phone.

Photographs are a really important part of an escort’s online presence. Not only will they show clients what you look like, they’ll enable them to get a sense of your style and personality. A great set of photos is going to see your bookings soar and put you miles ahead of your competitors.

There’s a lot of pressure on you to get them right – and lots of conflicting advice out there for you as well. If you’re feeling worried about planning your photo shoot, then our tips are all you need to make it a success.

Research, research, research!

Doing your research is essential. Always look through a photographer’s portfolio before you agree to work with them. If they don’t have one or refuse to show you, move on. Only work with someone that has the skill and experience to make you look your best. If possible, talk to some of their previous clients too – great work never excuses bad behaviour, after all.

Get to know your photographer

You will want to have a good working relationship with your chosen photographer as well. If you are going to be taking your clothes off in front of a camera, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, it’s going to show in your pictures. So get to know your photographer first, and make sure they understand your needs and boundaries fully. A good working relationship can last for years, so it’s not to be underestimated.

[Tweet “A great set of photos is going to see your bookings soar #escorts”]What kind of photos do you want?

You’ll now need to decide how you want your photographs to look. Do you want to be pictured in sumptuous surroundings or go for a more minimalist approach? You’ll need to put personal taste to one side sometimes, so you can increase your appeal to a wider group of people.

Talk to your photographer about lighting, composition and props – they’ll have invaluable knowledge about these.

Raiding your wardrobe

Of course, a photo shoot isn’t a photo shoot without worrying about what to wear. Always bring a few different outfits to a shoot with you – and go for a mixture of light and dark to compliment different backgrounds. When choosing some underwear, always opt for a matching set. Stockings and suspenders will enhance the look even further. Oh, and don’t forget a pair of killer heels – they work wonders!

If you’re going to flash a little bit more flesh, then make sure you’re looking as fabulous with your clothes off as with them on. A little moisturising, fake tan and scheduling in a waxing session are all going to make you look sensational.

Strike a pose

No matter how much hard work you put in, if you’re looking stiff and awkward your photos aren’t going to be a success. Look at other shoots to see what works, and find out what kind of angles suit you and your body. Take a look at the live portfolios of professional escorts online, such as those on London Candy. Note what is worn and how the escorts pose for the photos – a combination of sexy clothing and a striking pose will give the photographer much more to work with.

You can accentuate your best bits and make your problems areas look a hundred times better with a flattering pose. Much better (and more honest!) than any photoshop trickery.

Be confident

The most important thing you can bring to your escort photo shoot is confidence. The camera can do many wonderful things, but it can’t mask insecurity.

A woman who knows that she looks incredible is going to be much more at ease in front of the camera. So stand up tall, think of a time when you felt super sexy and empowered – and harness that! By bearing this and all of our other advice in mind, you’ll have the hottest set of photographs in town.