The SW Experts | Top 10 Mistakes Nice Guys Make In Bed
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Top 10 Mistakes Nice Guys Make In Bed

10 mistakes nice guys make in bed


Just like you, I’m an amazing guy, but something was missing when it came to rocking it in the sheets, and I didn’t even know it.

Up until about last year, I honestly didn’t think it was that important to worry about my skills in the bedroom, and boy was I wrong. I can’t tell you how many amazing women wanted nothing to do with me after a few failed trial runs in the bedroom (yes, women will do trial runs with you).

Recently, I sat down with some of my best female friends to get the low down on what shy, introverted nice guys are doing wrong when it comes to sex. What they told me shocked me at first, because I was guilty of all of them.┬áNow that I’ve worked on it, I’m here to help you give her the kind of sex life she dreams of, and as a matter of fact – she will not settle for less than great sex.

Top 10 Mistakes Nice Guys Make In Bed

Here’s the deal, homeslice… If the sex is good, she’s not talking about it, she’s over at your place getting it. And if she is talking, then she’s telling you how great it is and asking when she can come over next. Sex is important, and there are 10 mistakes nice guys make in bed that she will not approve of.


Women are curious as to why a guy would chose to have sex with her and then not show any strong emotion towards her or the act that you’re both sharing. It leaves her feeling that you’re dull. Don’t be that guy, brossif.

“It can be an effort for the girl to even want to participate.” – Sarah, 29


Tedious comes to mind. Kind of like most office jobs. Is that really how you want your sex life to be? I don’t think so, homeslice.


Women love surprises. She doesn’t want you to be the same bloke in the sheets every time. If she knows what she’s going to get, then what’s the point? Give her a little fantasy to look forward to.

“It’s the same thing every time.” – Samantha, 28

Not Spontaneous

If you desire her in that moment, then you rip her clothes off and give it to her in that moment. Did she ask? No. Does she have to? No. Got me? Cool.

[Tweet “If the sex is good, she’s not talking about, she is over at your place getting it.”]Quiet

Sex is definitely not a secret. When it’s you and her together in that moment, she wants to know that you’re into it, and that you want to be there with her. Shout it out loud, homeslice. Growl like the animal you are.


If a woman doesn’t inspire you sexually, then it may be time to get your hormones checked, brohim. There could be an imbalance where you have very low testosterone.

“Typically bad sex that leaves you regretting it afterwards… like that I just want to forget that it ever happened…” – Karen, 31


Sex isn’t a race, it’s a moment between two people meant to last as long as you both want, because it’s invigorating, enjoyable, and fun. When you lack control of your ejaculation, it shows how little control you may have in other areas of life, and most importantly – she’s suffering. And that’s not very nice of you, now is it, to make a woman suffer like that.

“Nice guys typically have little stamina.” – Dora, 33

Not Very Adventurous

When sex lacks excitement, then what’s left? Dude, let me tell you something very quickly, and that’s this one thing: try out new methods, ideas, and seek to create new experiences sexually. She’ll like it. Like, a lot.

Lacks Taking Control

Regardless of what year it is, women want a man to be dominant. This is not domineering, this is dominant. You’ve got to influence or direct her behaviour to the course of events that you want both of you to do. For example, the other day I had a girl over who wanted to take a shower. Let’s just say I stopped her, and we got dirtier before we got cleaner. Got what I mean, brah?

“He just felt he needed permission.” – Laura, 32

Don’t be the guy who these girls are talking about. Be the other guy, who has girls beating down his door, asking for more, more, and more. And maybe even leaving their boyfriend for you, yeah? Good place to be, homie.

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