The SW Experts | Top 10 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations
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Top 10 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations

top 10 unusual honeymoon destinations


We get it. When people think of honeymoons they think of relaxing by a pool with a cocktail in their hand sleeping in the sun. However, there is more to life than your standard getaway. We have compiled a list of Ten Unusual Honeymoon Destinations that you have probably not thought of. We think these are awesome ideas, if you agree or think we have missed one, please leave us a comment below telling us so!


1. Costa Verde Plane Hotel


Well, this is one is amazing! You get to stay in the jungle….in a plane! Your hotel room is a 1965 vintage 1965 Boing 727 plane. With amazing views of the turquoise water and the plane itself looking just as beautiful fault this novelty destination. This Costa Rican secret deserves to be found out.


2. Spitbank Fort


You arrive by boat (just like James Bond!) which leaves from Portsmouth, which is awesome! You will be greeted when you dock and then shown around the Fort. You can relax in the heated pool watching all of the boats and ships pass you by as you unwind off the mainland. This is a great escape and has enough to keep you busy, if you want to that is!


3. The Boot B&B


Have you ever thought to yourself “You know what, I want to stay in a boot for my honeymoon”? No? Well, we haven’t either. But this unique B&B is in New Zealand surrounded by lush green gardens and is utterly tranquil. If you want a honeymoon you won’t get bored of talking about, this is one to consider!


4. Draculas Castle


If you are slightly weird and/or obsessed with Vampires than what can be better than this for a honeymoon destination? Bran Castle is where Bran Stoker based his mythical (we hope) creature living. We don’t think it would be a relaxing break, but if you do, pack your bags and head to Transylvania.


5. A Buddhist Monk Experience


Have the rare opportunity to work closely with novice monks in a temple school in Laos;  learn about Lao culture, history, food, religion and language; visit local sights; enjoy a weekend break on the banks of the Mekong River. Volunteering on this project you will teach English to these students, improving the quality of their education which is really fascinating and rewarding.


6. Afghanistan


There is way more to this country than you see on the news. Following in the footsteps of Marco Polo and trek the foothills of the Hindu Kush, you’ll visit the famous mountain caves of Bamiyan, the breath-taking lakes at Band-e Amir, the historical northern towns of Mazar-e Sharif and Balkh, as well as the famous Panjshir Valley.


7. Lapland


Don’t have the time for a long holiday? You’ll leave the airport on a snowmobile, sample the local cuisine in the heart Lapland surrounded by frozen lakes and snowy scenes, learn the art of snowshoeing and a husky sled ride, before taking another ride on the snowmobile to catch the flight home.


8. New York


Not your usual NYC trip. This is to stay on the beach that you have probably never heard of! Top sandy spots include Coney Island in Brooklyn, which is also home to a famous boardwalk and funfair; Rockaway Beach in Queens, which is popular among surfers; and Orchard Beach within Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx. Forget the heavy winter coat and mittens and get your mankini out of the closet.


9. Machu Picchu- Belmond Lodge


This one is definitely unique. You will be welcomed to the breath-taking Lodge by the friendly and professional staff. All the rooms have the most picturesque views and the Lodge is approximately 50 metres from the entrance gate to Machu Picchu, so you are in the perfect location. Despite having very little competition for places to stay the team do not take their foot off the gas and provide a first class service to everyone who enters their doors.


10. Roswell


You will know this place for the 1947 crash landing that is still being talked about. Something landed and the military wont tell you what it is! The warm climate and chance to see mysterious object fly through the air puts New Mexico on our list. You can visit the International UFO Museum & Research Center which will bring your imagination to life.