The SW Experts | Top 3 Hookup Tracking Apps
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Top 3 Hookup Tracking Apps

top 3 hookup tracking apps


After reading one of the most intriguing articles of the year one thing is clear,  we all need a app to track what happens after Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc.   Last week Vanity Fair released an article titled Tinder is the Night.  It echoes much of what I have been stating for the last year… EVERYONE IS SLEEPING WITH EVERYONE!

They highlight a few interviews with both males and females.   And wow our culture is really ok with sleeping with people they don’t even know!  One girl even talks about how she’s is barely getting dressed from having a hookup and the guy is already back on Tinder looking for his his next conquest… Ew!

One thing however stood out in my mind.  A male stated that after sleeping with about 40 girls, how he keeps track of them with a list.  He even rates them!  He probably should keep track of at least first names and dates/times too.  You know why??? Because why not make it a competition?  Track where you do it,  what positions, and possibly rate them all in one app.  Another plus is and let’s be real … If you do contract an awful dreaded STD at least you know where it may have came from!

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Here are a few I found out there:

1. SAC App  

It does everything from positions, places, and sizes.  Also the more you people you add, it actually adds up your top 3 hook-ups.  I mean according to the article some sleep with 40 others per month.

2. Glow App

This app says it can help you track your ovulation cycle.  Well you just in case you forgot that condom.

3. Period Tracker App

This definitely is another popular way to track when you are getting your period!  It’s available on the App Store when you type it in.