The SW Experts | Top 3 Reasons He Needs a Sidepiece
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Top 3 Reasons He Needs a Sidepiece

Top 3 reasons he needs a sidepiece


1. Because they can!

Let’s be real, some guys have really big egos.  They can be so into themselves that they think.. Hey, if my girl never finds out this dirty little secret then what’s the big deal?  Usually I find these are the really really good looking ones… Like Liam Hemsworth.   Look when they are only having sex with a side piece there is no emotional connection like with their significant other.  So why not have your cake and eat it too?


2. They are not really into their significant other

To be honest she most likely really isn’t doing it for him!  The sex is ok, he is knows her friends/family, and it’s comfortable.  This is when they most marry the wrong girl and end up stuck in a boring relationship.  The side piece is a chance for them to explore whom they may actually really want to date, but don’t because they have become so vested in the BLAH!

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3. A small dick in a big pond

Now I’m not talking about your regular Joe here.  I’m speaking of guys with so much money they can have a side piece.  Ahem Mr. Affleck.   They feel like if they buy the wifey enough distractions, then she really shouldn’t complain about the side piece.  And we all know the side piece is not complaining about the lavish gifts and yacht  rides.  Usually ladies however.. these men are the smallest cocks in a big room!!!