The SW Experts | Top 3 Tips for Finding Swingers on the Web
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Top 3 Tips for Finding Swingers on the Web

If you and your partner have decided to give swinging a try, you should definitely read our top 3 tips for finding the right partners. We discuss how you can get the most out of swingers dating sites, and enjoy this intriguing world to the fullest.

#1: Choose the Right Website

In the sea of online dating sites, it’s hard to know which one can bring the most, and that’s why you need to thoroughly research the web before you invest your time, effort, and perhaps funds into finding swinging partners. The first criteria should be the member base. The larger the member base on a site, the higher the chance you’re going to find the kinds of people you’re looking for. Plus, it is absolutely imperative that lots of members live within a 100-mile radius from you. It’s quite disappointing to find a couple that you’d love to meet after months and months of searching only to realize they live on the other side of the country. The other criteria include user-friendliness and price. For starters, try the free sites and see if they do the job. Only if a free website fails to connect you with the right couple should you try paid sites.

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#2: Maintain Your Profile

Once you find the right swingers dating site, you have to take creating and maintaining your profile very seriously. People will be interested in you if you keep changing your profile picture every few weeks and if your bio is short but engaging. Share information that is relevant while still retaining some of the mystery, and keep giving your viewers what they want – fresh and inspirational content. Your profile picture should be a headshot of you and your partner, and your bio should tell the world a little bit about you. You can say it with a quote or a verse from your favorite song as long as it gets the message across, which is that you’re looking for swinging partners or a single person to join you in bed.

#3: Search for Dates

As obvious as this sounds, many people rely on the site’s algorithm too much in the hopes that it can do the job. Notwithstanding the fact that every decent dating site has the kind of algorithm that sends good matches your way on a daily basis, you should also do some of the legwork and search for dates yourself. Browse the member base on a regular basis, and message the people that seem interesting enough. The more messages you send, the more replies you’re going to get, and the more conversations you start, the more dates you’re going to go on. Dating sites serve their purpose, which is to connect you with someone, but you have to do the rest, which is to meet them in the offline world and start dating them. That is the only way you can find what you’re looking despite the fact that the entire process begins from the comforts of your home.