The SW Experts | Top 5 Tips on How to Find Love Later in Life
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5 tips to find love later in life

Top 5 Tips on How to Find Love Later in Life

Is 60 the new 50? It must be because there are so many new couples that meet and forge relationships the closer they get to retirement that I can’t help but wonder whether age still really means anything or if it’s completely arbitrary.

Whether you’re 45, 65 or 85, there is always that possibility that you can fall madly or at least gently in love. Since age is just a number when it comes to meeting someone you can call your own, I won’t use the phrase ‘dating for seniors’ because it puts an emphasis on the fact that you have to be of certain age for my tips to apply to you. I assure you, you don’t. Notwithstanding the fact that pickings get slimmer as we grow older, I’d like to offer my top 5 tips on how to find romance regardless of what is written on your birth certificate.


#1: Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin

An increasing number of people find their peace and quiet through therapy, and there is no denying the fact that therapy can play a huge role in self-acceptance. The more you love yourself, the easier it gets to spread positive vibes wherever you go. On the other hand, moody individuals who smile every once in a blue moon are unattractive no matter their age or physical appearance. People just aren’t drawn to them. You don’t have to be arrogant or overly confident to show the world you’re content with who you are, but genuine self-acceptance, crow’s feet and everything, goes a long way when it comes to attracting a partner.


#2: Learn From Past Mistakes

Past a certain point in life, we all have baggage that weighs heavily on our shoulders, but we can take the time to learn from our mistakes and grow as a more confident person instead of seeing it as a burden. Self-development is another crucial aspect of finding love regardless of age, and there is no better place to start than our own mistakes. People who fall in love later in life have often gone through the pain of divorce, and at the time it was easy to blame it all on their partners. However, they also assessed whether they were being too critical, passive-aggressive, too forgiving, selfish or angry to make the marriage work. Not surprisingly, most of them used a different approach in their successful relationships compared to the ones they employed in their failed marriages.


#3: Become who you’ve Always Wanted to be

Turning 50 is usually seen as a traumatic experience, one that marks the end of the road or a point from which everything starts to go downhill. This is absolutely not true because you have plenty of time to take life into your own hands as you move past your 50th birthday for two very simple reasons. One, your family doesn’t need you as much as they did at 42 because they’ve grown more independent, which translates into more free time for you, and two you’re at a place in your career where you’ve proven yourself and everything from this point on is just smooth sailing, which again frees up your schedule. Start doing the things you like immediately and you won’t believe how refreshed, rejuvenated, and alive you’ll feel again.


#4:  Get Out of the House

Sure, it’s the year 2019 and online dating has never been more popular, but still getting out of the house is key if you want to get your romantic life going. This is especially effective if you leave the house to do the things you enjoy, such as go on organized hiking trips with other community members or take a painting class. Not only do the odds of meeting someone new increase as you leave your closed quarters, but they increase in the right direction – you’re more likely to bump into someone who has the same interests and hobbies as you.


#5: Learn a New Skill

If you’ve long mastered everything you’re passionate about, it’s time to learn a new skill. Can you speak French, play the piano or make finger-licking good Indian food? Self-development encompasses all sorts of endeavors, and learning to do something completely new and foreign to you enriches your soul, broadens your horizons, makes you feel younger and gives you new conversation topics that can come in handy when you meet a prospective partner.