The SW Experts | Top 5 tips to resurrect masculinity, to save mankind!
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Top 5 tips to resurrect masculinity, to save mankind!


5 tips to resurrect masulinity


There is a war out there.

An unseen war.

The war is against mankind itself.

Men you need to wake up everywhere.

This is your captain speaking.

I am no misogynist nor am I against my own species, far from it.

I feel sorry for females these days. I see men (boys) ignoring the basics principles of our natural leadership roles all over the shop…so here is my top 5 tips to get the balance reset:


There is nothing worse than a man without purpose or drive.

Find out what you love and take that path, do not let anything derail you from it.

You are a master of your own destiny.

How does this make you attractive? Well it will make you less available, in the best possible way because you are chasing after your own passions. Lets think about this from an economic standpoint – why are diamonds so valuable? Because their demand outstrips their supply which increases their value exponentially. Duh.


Educate yourself in life…there is nothing more attractive then someone with credibility and confidence in their own knowledge. Knowledge is power, remember.

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IQ cannot be increased, that is a fact, however your emotional self awareness can. Particularly the way you interact with people. Your body language, tone of voice and the language (we shall be working on this in my next outing) you use constitute the image you put across and it only takes a tenth of a second to create a first impression. That might be the blink of an eye difference between gaining attraction and not.


I see these young men and boys these days forgetting about this one. Thats the reason why I take your girl off you bro, I make a difference by doing simple things, like remembering fine details about a lady. Complimenting her on everything but her looks, walking on the outside of the pavement, holding doors open, meeting her off the train, surprising her when she least expects it. Women say they don’t want this. They are lying. It’s hardcoded into their DNA to want for this.


Always be a man on the go, always with activities or people he can rely on . Giving him the ultimate power – to WALK AWAY.┬áNothing says leader and maverick more than the ability to walk away from a female or male, for that matter, who is showing you disrespect.┬áThis is arguably the most important thing. RESPECT YOURSELF and others will follow suit.

Tip 5a

Buy a cool suit…and shades….and always, always smell good – I find a hint of baby powder on my testicles works a charm subconsciously as women think of babies..all the time…;-)