The SW Experts | Traveling Single Women; How to Woo an American Girl in London
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traveling single women

Traveling Single Women; How to Woo an American Girl in London

Traveling single women

First of all, I have to come clean and make a confession. I didn’t do much of the wooing, and I certainly didn’t make the first move. But for some reason this cute American girl took an interest in me, and I felt compelled to share some advice with you, in case you’re ever in a similar situation, and want to pursue an attractive, traveling single woman.

Traveling Single Women; How to Woo an American Girl in London

Did I say or do something right to impress her?

traveling single womenHonestly, I don’t think I did anything particularly interesting or enticing. Maybe the title of this article should really be “How not to screw up when the self-assured American starts flirting with you”? Yes, she did, and I have to admit, I was quite pleased.

I’m no Casanova or Romeo. I’m just a quiet British guy who wasn’t even looking to meet someone. But it happened. How? We were paired together on a treasure hunt arranged by mutual friends. She was in town on business, and I was the only person on the hunt without a family. Was it a set up? Perhaps. I’ll have to ask my friends about that later. Was I please with my friends choice in partner for me? Absolutely! Thinking back to that day, these are the reasons I’ve come to realize why she liked me and started flirting with me. As simple and basic as they are, it’s the simple mindset that she seemed to like.

  1. I was funny but I didn’t crack jokes. If she wanted that she’d have gone to a comedy club instead. I just tried to make amusing observations about the sights around us and told a few funny anecdotes from my past. The one that got the biggest laugh out of her was showing her the new “Walkie Talkie” and “Cheese Grater” buildings in London. She just couldn’t get past the strange manner in which us British name our buildings.
  2. I smiled but not like The Joker from Batman! That’s creepy!!! She was an enthusiastic tourist with her camera out every five seconds. Yes, I smiled in the pictures she took of us, and was more than willing to take picture after picture of her against every tourist trap we came along. She seemed to like the fact that I knew some details about the historic buildings like Lewis Carroll’s house we happened to come across.
  3. I dressed appropriately. She liked what I was wearing and the fit of my clothing. Apparently British guys wear better fitting jeans. Go figure.
  4. We enjoyed a fun activity. Because of the treasure hunt, there was no pressure to constantly think of something to say. We could relax and be ourselves. The treasure hunt provided the perfect back drop for us to make casual conversation. We asked each other about our favorite things to do on our days off, places around the world we’ve traveled to, and even snuck in details about our relationship status.
  5. When she started flirting with me, I didn’t respond full on at first. After all, I could have misread the signs and got a slap on the face! I just gradually flirted back as the date progressed. How did that happen? Well, towards the end of our treasure hunt, it got quite chilly outside. On our way back to the pub to meet up with our friends, she mentioned how cold her hands were. I couldn’t tell if she wanted me to warm them up exactly, and didn’t want to assume so, but when we got inside, she made it clear. She asked me directly to warm them up, and clearly, I didn’t hesitate. I’m going to be a gentleman and not go into the more juicy details of what happened after that, however, we both were happy to have had the chance to meet.

So you see, there are no great revelations here. Sometimes we get lucky and meet a great person, and you never know when that opportunity might happen. When it does, my best advice is to just be yourself and don’t act like an idiot.