The SW Experts | Turn Women On with the Sexiest Part of Your Body
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Turn Women On with the Sexiest Part of Your Body

turn women on

There is nothing sexier than a man that has a brain to go with the rest of the package. Forget the perfect body or the right clothes, fuck a woman’s mind and she is all yours! This really should go without saying, but some of you guys still don’t get it. As a woman with above average looks and intelligence, I will tell you that the sexiest men I have dated are not what most women would call a “10”. Don’t misunderstand; they are by no means unattractive. They rise in the ranks because they have qualities that most men see as unnecessary. So why do I think that they are tens? Simple really- they can keep up their end of the conversation. Not only do they speak well, they have a sharp wit and a killer sense of humor. They are not awkward in appearance, their movements or sense of self. Now, I know that all men are not created equal, but you have to find what makes you interesting and exploit the hell out of it, without being boastful. When you have confidence in even just that, it can domino throughout the rest of your being.

Turn Women On with the Sexiest Part of Your Body

turn a woman onSmart doesn’t mean knowing the capital cities of foreign countries. Smart is about knowing you and being comfortable enough to let that flag fly. Smart is about being proactive, interactive and present. Never make the mistake of confusing the word intelligent for the word smart however. You could be a math genius and still not know how to properly dazzle a woman. Also know this; a smart man can fuck just about any woman. An intelligent man takes the time to know her first. That deeper level of “intelligence” comes from men that are self-aware and have an emotional intelligence that most do not. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between them and label them appropriately, and to use that to guide thinking and behavior. To put it plainly, know what you’re feeling, gauge what others are feeling and be able to control emotions, or act and react properly.

Turn Woman On By Being  Smart in Dating

If you want to be “smart” in dating, you have to get right with you first. Google “emotional intelligence” and take a test online. There are literally dozens of them. The next step is developing or enhancing your persona or personality.

There are a few social components you can look to help you:

Social Expressiveness – Can you speak spontaneously and fluidly on various topics or engage others in social settings?
Social Sensitivity – Can you read a social situation in order to interact appropriately?
Social Control – Do you have self-confidence in social situations and can you “play the part” or do you just know how to be socially?

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Some People Call that Sexy Quality Charisma

Being charismatic is about being interesting as well as interested in others. Practice using open body language when speaking to women and maintain eye contact. Ask open-ended questions to help them feel at ease and foster an emotional connection. Her answers are more likely to be heartfelt if you ask and then shut up and listen intently. Remember the answers she gives you, dammit. These details from previous conversations help to gain you her respect and trust. That takes care of her, but what about you. What makes you interesting? Surely you are knowledgeable about something. For instance, I have a client that single-handedly built most of the home that he currently lives in. I’d say that puts him in the expert category of home building. Think about what you are really good at and relay that in a passionate way. The key is to inspire the listener to build confidence in you as a believable speaker. Being authentic about your passions, drives and even hobbies is magnetic. Who wouldn’t want to talk to THAT guy? He is confident, genuine, smart and versatile. Women will stay in a conversation or relationship for that matter, when they have strong, positive emotions associated with you. You have in effect created an experience. This is your power!