The SW Experts | Two Parties, One Couple
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two parties, one couple

Two Parties, One Couple

two parties one couple

If you’re reading this, chances are you live in a society that has a multiple party government system. Conservatives vs. Liberals, Tea Party vs. Progressives… in the U.S. there may be two major parties, but you’ll find extremes in both. Somewhere on that spectrum lies your parents, friends, boss and yes, your partner.

What happens when you meet someone that is perfect on every level, but is on the other side of the aisle politically?

Some say that religion and politics are taboo topics to be avoided at all cost when dating, but when things get serious, those topics are destined to be front-burnered. It doesn’t have to be a make it or break it moment for you and your partner. All you need is an approach of respect and interest in your partner’s point of view. In fact, having a difference in political belief may lead you to a stronger and healthier relationship. Here are three points to consider when embarking on a bipartisan relationship:

Communication is communication.

Sharing a political viewpoint with your partner is exactly that- sharing. Regardless of the topic, it may be debated, resolved and even agreed upon to disagree. The concept is that you’re sharing, and this will translate to other areas of your relationship that are often deal breakers for couples, such as financial issues. As half of a bipartisan couple, embrace that you’re comfortable and confident to communicate with your partner.

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Staying current with political affairs keeps you on your A-game for debate, but also maintains that tie to the outside world.

Being on the ready to spar with your mate on the topics of the day can be fun, and knowing what you’re talking about makes it all the better. Oftentimes couples who were once vibrant and active singles become a bit hermitic as a couple. Keeping current in the world around you keeps you involved in the world as a couple, which is a very healthy place to be.

When it comes to passion, spread that passion to all the rooms!

If you feel passion for a political hot topic, you can feel passion in other areas as well. There comes a time in your political debate that you should just grab your “opponent” and plant one on them. Trust me, it will be welcomed and it will be hot.

Keep in mind that you’re not alone when it comes to bipartisan relationships. There are many out there, and they’re doing just fine. Perhaps they cancel out each other’s vote at the polling place, but the road to it was paved in open communication, respect and passion.