The SW Experts | The Ultimate List of Questions to Ask Before Moving in Together
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The Ultimate List of Questions to Ask Before Moving in Together

Moving in together can provide many benefits to a couple including saving money on expenses, and waking up to each other every morning. If you’re already spending most nights at each other’s place, you might be thinking, “why not take the plunge and combine households?” It is the best way to determine compatibility long term after all. But before you start packing your boxes, ask yourselves the following questions to be sure that you are ready!

The Ultimate  List of Questions to Ask Before Moving in Together

questions to ask before moving in together1. Have you discussed how you will divide ALL expenses including household bills, food, rent/mortgage, personal items, separate accounts, etc?

2. Where will you live? Will one of you move into the others place, or will you find a completely new place?

3. How will you divide household duties? Who’s going to clean the bathroom? Manage the bills? Vacuum? Don’t wait until after you sign the lease to find out your partner expects you to do all the laundry!

4. Have you talked about kids? Are you on the same page regarding potential procreation?

5. Who gets to decide how to decorate the place? One of you might think R2-D2 Lego statues are appropriate fireplace displays, while the other might prefer a lot of artwork on the walls.

6. Who’s going to do the grocery/household supply shopping? Both of you? One of you more often? Talk about it!

7. Are you planning to stay in the same city for a while? Don’t sign a lease or buy a place if one of you is planning a long distance move in the near future.

8. Have you met each other’s friends and family? It’s always a good idea to know each other’s extended friends and family before signing anything tying you to each other for a significant amount of time.

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9. Discuss the likelihood of guests, and each other’s preferences on how long they can stay. Are you both okay with that arrangement?

10. What kind of amenities do each of you expect to have? Cable? Internet? A gym membership?

11. When you ask yourself how you feel about the idea, are you excited beyond belief, scared out of your mind, or neutral? Somewhere between neutral and excited beyond belief should be where you stand.