The SW Experts | Wake the F up! 4 Ways to Tell It’s Not Happening
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Wake the F up! 4 Ways to Tell It’s Not Happening

The Kooky Couple - wake the F up

In The Heartbreak Kid Ben Stiller’s character marries the ‘hot girl’ only to realize immediately after he hates everything about her. He was so busy thinking with his dick that he ignored every sign that the match was wrong. You can learn a lot from a good romcom or you can just read our articles.

From the start, our relationship moved fast and though some people were skeptics we’ve both been with enough dumbasses to know when it’s right it’s right. When a relationship is effortless that’s when it’s meant to be. Our cardinal Kooky couple rule is exit at the first sign of bullshit. So stop wasting your time with the wrong person, wake the F*uck up, and recognize a few of the signs:

You’re Confused

Are you a victim of a rescheduled date? Has your date recently rescheduled for the second time in a row? Have you planned a date but then they never confirmed? Has your date shown up late or worse yet, not at all? Are the texts few and far between? Then you need to call 1800-WAKE-UP. If you are experiencing any of the above, read our lips, you are getting the blow off. And, listen carefully; any excuse beyond a terminal illness or a death is a blow-off. This is a sign that there is no mutual connection. You might feel a connection (or at least want to feel one) but they don’t. Stop all communications with the person immediately. The only time you should even think about dating someone after you’ve been ditched, is if the person is like Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates, otherwise, get the F out.

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You’re Not Feeling It Yet

If there is no mental or physical chemistry when you meet don’t try to make it work. It does not develop after time. Period. Cancel your third date now. When you meet your date in person, ask yourself, is this person so hot you want to bang them… more than once? If yes, then make sure it’s not just physical and there’s at least some mental attraction. Sure you can screw Stifler all day (keep up, that’s an American Pie reference), but do you really want to spend the rest of your life talking to him? If there’s no chemistry, move on.

Your Lifestyles Don’t Align

If you love dogs and they don’t, it simply will not work. Maybe it’s not dogs you love maybe you love cats, or water sports, or love working on the weekend, either way if you aren’t on the same page get out now. Continuing on the with the dog metaphor (can you tell we’re obsessed with our dogs); sure the person you are interested in could tolerate your fur baby but ultimately they’ll never understand the intense relationship you have with your dog. Being a dog owner is a lifestyle and a big responsibility, you need a partner who wants to fully be apart of that. And vice versa; if you don’t love dogs do you really want to spend hours at the dog park? Even a dog lover gets sick of the dog talk and the freak shows who spend hours at the dog run with their fanny packs filled with dog treats (no offense).

Your Friends Are Disappearing

It’s a major red flag when your friends or family don’t want to spend time with your new love interest. If your family and friends hate the person you are with, wake up; you are in the wrong relationship. And don’t tell yourself ‘they don’t know about me and you’ cause yes Kanye, they do! It’s not a coincidence when everyone around you disapproves. These are the people who know you best and love you, trust them and trust us. End it now.

We knew we were right for each other because it was easy. It becomes complicated when you let in the bullsh*t or better yet try to figure out the bullsh*t. Tinder isn’t our favorite app for finding lasting love but we swear by the philosophy of swiping left as soon as you see something you don’t want. Do it and don’t waste your time.


The Kooky Couple