The SW Experts | What are your intentions?
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what are your intentions

What are your intentions?

what are your intentions

For so many people love and relationships have become an entirely too difficult dream to obtain. Why is it so hard for people to navigate “the successful relationship matrix” in 2015? When entering a new relationship or rekindling an old romance we need to be clear about our intentions. Here are three suggestions to help you check your intentions before getting involved. Intending well (wishing) and actually doing well are two entirely different ideas.

Let honesty be your guide!

We’ve all heard that honesty is the best policy, but are we truly being honest with ourselves and each other? When it comes to having a successful relationship trust and honesty must be at the top of your list. Why did you enter into this relationship? Were you honest with the person in discussing your true intentions? In the beginning our relationships seem to take over every part of our lives. They become more colorful and we start to share our worlds with each other. We must be open and honest with the other person in order to navigate some of the roadblocks relationships face ahead. Don’t wait until you find out what you want to do with your life and then leave this person. Be honest with them, and don’t lead them down a path of doubt and misconceptions.

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Stop selling them dreams that you can’t afford yourself!

I don’t believe that we start relationships to ultimately have them end in a not so peaceful manner. When we tell people that we love them, or want to commit to them, and then act a different way this leads to feeling and experiencing betrayal. Playing with someone’s feelings and not being accountable for our actions is completely deceitful. As we all know Karma is more than just a five letter word. If you can’t imagine yourself falling in love with them, or being in a committed relationship then don’t do it. If you’re not ready, or capable of being what you said you could then stop talking. Don’t sell them dreams that you can’t afford to pay for yourself.

Stop stringing them along!

You absolutely know when you’re stringing someone along. You know when you’re heart isn’t invested in them at all, and when you’re holding out for something better to come along. This is an epidemic in the dating world, and a serious challenge that many single people face. You should be more than just an option for someone. You’re a great person. Even with all your faults and peculiar quirks you’re still lovable. Here’s where self love comes into play. Stringing someone along gets you nowhere. Anything can happen while you’re waiting for your knight in shining armor, or your damsel in distress to appear. Don’t try and fill the void of loneliness with someone who you know is only temporary. Let them go. Wish them well and say goodbye. Pull the plug on this less than satisfying going nowhere relationship.
People most certainly may intend well. Life sometimes get in the way of these intentions. If there’s any doubt in your mind about where you see yourself in the future with this person, tell them. When you use honesty, and aren’t sending mixed signals you can’t go wrong. If nothing else you can gain a true friend because you’ve practiced complete disclosure. As always I wish you the best in your dating success!