The SW Experts | What Happens When A Chinese Sex Tape Goes Viral?
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What Happens When A Chinese Sex Tape Goes Viral?

SWEXPERTS - what happens when a chinese sex tape goes viral

A video of a couple getting frisky in a Uniqlo changing room has been making waves recently, and has shone a light onto China’s strict censorship laws.

China is a country many of us think as conservative – but a recent news story has knocked that preconception for six. A steamy video filmed in a Uniqlo changing room has emerged, and it’s been a massive hit online. While government officials have been quick to condemn the video and have attempted to halt its online exposure, the Chinese public seem to see it completely differently. So we’re going to take a closer look at what happened when this video went viral.

Where it happened

The video in question is filmed in a changing room in the Uniqlo Sanlitun Beijing store. It’s hardly the most romantic of places, but that doesn’t seem to bother the couple featured in the video – or the people watching it. Soon after it was uploaded to the internet, it spread like wildfire across social media platforms WeChat and Weibo (China’s answer to Twitter). While we’re used to these kinds of antics with the release of numerous celebrity sex tapes, it caused a little bit more of a stir in China.

A cultural divide

Online activity is closely monitored in China, with the government keen to stop people from viewing material they consider inappropriate. So when this video began to gain notoriety, the reaction was to be expected. Xu Feng, a director of the Cyberspace Administration of China, said that “the vulgar video had spread like a virus online and clashed with socialist core values”.

Other senior figures were quick to say that the people of China as a whole found the video in bad taste – but that doesn’t seem to be quite true. Already you can buy shirts commemorating the video, and jokes have quickly spread online. So it’s sparked an interesting debate between those who uphold China’s strictest values, and those with a more liberal outlook.

A great piece of marketing?

People were quick to point the finger at Uniqlo too, saying that the video was a canny marketing stunt. The company were quick to deny this, and urged its customers not to recreate the activities seen in the video. Nonetheless, people remain suspicious, especially when you look at how much the company appears to be benefiting from the film.

The Chinese public have been flocking to the store and taking selfies outside – and we imagine people are keen to wander inside and take a snapshot in the changing room too! Publicity stunt or not, the video has seen Uniqlo hit the headlines all over the world, which can’t be doing sales any harm.

It’s about more than a sex tape

Of course, this isn’t the first x-rated news story to make waves recently. After all, we all remember the leaked celebrity nudes that had us glued to our computer screens last year. What this does show is that these kinds of videos are becoming part of mainstream culture, even in countries like China.

While it seems trivial to us, this could trigger a wider political debate in China, with some people arguing that their strict online censorship should be relaxed. In the west more couples creating their own, personal sex videos. In fact, you can now find adult film producers in UK, who will come to your home and direct and shoot you and your partner!

Finally, the question you’ve been wanting to ask. What has happened to the couple in the video? Well, it looks as if they have been arrested – but the mania surrounding the video doesn’t look set to die down any time soon!