The SW Experts | What Is A Nuru Massage And What Should You Know About It?
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What Is A Nuru Massage And What Should You Know About It?





There are not many people that are aware of what a nuru massage is. This is quite normal since it only now started to gain a huge popularity, even if it did originate in Japan a long time ago. Nowadays, you can even find nuru massage France options and there are parlors that offer this in most of the developed countries of the world.

What Is A Nuru Massage?

Simply put, the nuru massage is a Japanese erotic massage in which the masseuse will use the entire body in order to massage clients. It offers a lot more bodily contact than what most people are used to when thinking about massages. “Nuru” simply means slippery. This is because the masseuse and the client are covered in a special Nuru massage gel. In case you are wondering, the gel is odorless and colorless.

A nuru massage can be performed on a bed, a mattress or the common massage table. It is great for both men and women. Sexual orientation does not limit the practice. Nuru massages did start in Japan. Now they are popular all over.

Nuru Massage Benefits

Many couples reported that the nuru massage was exactly what they needed in order to end up with a much spicier love live. The simple act of sliding against the partner while covered in gel creates brand new sensations. At the same time, it helps you to be much more comfortable when it comes to your skin. The connection that is established is not just physical.

The nuru massage is highly intimate. It will usually improve emotional connections. You should know that the Japanese culture actually sees it as a unique spiritual journey.

What is even more interesting is that these massages offer different actual health benefits. For instance, according to an agency in London, 83% of people that tried the nuru massage ended up feeling a lot better about themselves right after the session was offered. A nuru massage will relax muscles and does actively moisturize skin. Based on the body techniques that are used by the masseuse, even toxins can end up being released from your body.

Should You Try Nuru Massages?

Obviously, such a deep tactile connection is not for everyone. There are people that are not comfortable with so much body contact during a massage, even if it is an erotic one. Even so, if you do feel intrigued, there is no reason why you should not try it. An experienced masseuse can easily guide you through the entire process and will make you feel much more comfortable than what you initially think.

If you do not feel right, the session can always stop. Also, it is a good idea to talk with the masseuse before the nuru massage. Just think about what you are concerned about. Talk about these things with the masseuse. You will get all the answers that you need.

If you decide that you want to try a nuru massage, the most important thing is to relax. You just want to lie down and let the masseuse do everything. She/he will guide you through the entire experience and you will end up with new sensations you never knew were possible.