The SW Experts | What is High Class Society in 2016?
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Social London

What is High Class Society in 2016?


Class, Cash and Changes

The kind of people whose pictures fill the society pages has changed a lot in recent years – and the result is a much more interesting crowd.

Years ago, it was your bloodline that dedicated whether you were to be accepted into high class society. Who your parents were, and who their parents were, and so on – that’s what got you to the top. Now though, the aristocracy isn’t nearly as powerful as it once was, and blue blood isn’t the only thing you need to make it in the world. So in this modern age, what is high society?

Times have changed

High society used to be made up of those who had royal blood who were members of the aristocracy. Now though, things aren’t quite as clear cut as that. Royalty now mingle with supermodels, and lords and ladies now mix with those who come from new money. The pages of glossy society magazines like Tatler are filled with as many pictures of actors as there are earls. So what does this say about us as a society? Well, it suggests that we’re much more interested in status rather than class. And what gives someone a high status is usually everything to do with the contents of their bank account.

A busy diary

If you’re, say, a wealthy city banker; the doors of high society are more open to you than they have ever been. Having money and friends in the right places can guarantee you entry into the hottest nightclubs and invitations to exclusive parties. The new upper classes use their money and connections to move on up in the world. If you’re an eligible, well-off bachelor, you’re certainly not going to have an empty diary. So what do you do if you want to take a date along to one of these events?

Picking the right date

High class London escorts are the perfect companion for a man who wants to keep up appearances. Your woman of choice (and believe us, there’s a lot of that!) will be able to accompany you to any event, whether it is big or small. Many of them speak multiple languages and have lots of knowledge about London’s art and theatre scenes – so are perfectly equipped to engage in even the most high-brow small talk. In fact, they’ve spent so long spending time with the great and the good, they’re able to fit into any social situation. So whether you’re mixing with celebrities or royalty, they’ll know exactly how to behave.

Discretion and understanding

Understandably, you probably don’t want everyone to know that your date for the evening is an escort. So she’ll be discreet and professional, and won’t let anything slip about your little secret. She’ll be dressed impeccably, and will blend in with all the other high-society women. In fact, you’d be surprised at how many men do hire escorts to accompany them to events – they’re just that good at adapting to an exclusive environment! Of course, the fact that they can blend into the crowd doesn’t take anything away from their personality and good looks. Far from it in fact, as you can discover for yourself after you’ve left the party.

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So who will you take to the ball?

The London social scene has changed a lot over the years, and living in a post-aristocratic age has definitely contributed to that. If you work hard and have the talent and bank balance to show for it, there’s no reason why you can’t make it right to the top of high society and reap all the rewards that
brings. With a gorgeous woman on your arm as well, it seems hard to find anything wrong with that kind of life!