The SW Experts | What NOT To Do In Online Dating
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What NOT To Do In Online Dating

what not to do in online dating


We’ve given you endless hints and tips for filling in your dating profile and flirting with your date as you sip drinks on a rooftop bar at sunset, but finding out what NOT to do can be a little harder to come by. What should you definitely avoid writing in your profile? Does it contain any easily avoidable turn-offs that might be driving other quality members away? Let’s clarify the DON’Ts of online dating:

1. ” I can’t believe i’m doing this”

It’s 2015; I think I read something last week about self driving cars and robots that humans can genuinely have sex with. My point being: having an online dating profile is no longer an awkward confession to make to your friends. Millions of people do it, have done it, and have met their soulmates through doing it. Plus, a comment like this insinuates that you’re only dating online as a last resort and your heart’s not fully in it, and the people you meet that way (who, SURPRISE, will be online daters too) probably won’t appreciate that kind of attitude. Be positive, and you’ll get a lot more out of the experience.


2. Don’t Lie

Honesty is the best policy. Don’t you want someone to like you for you? Have a read of our article about Dating Lies for some more info about lying online.


3. Be Positive

Someone who’s looking for romance in their life will not want a moping, moaning, gloomy love interest. So you’re single, so you’ve had a few bad dates, so you could be crying daily about whatever isn’t right about your life, but it’s unlikely that that attitude will be attractive to a potential suitor. Fake it till you make it: starting out cheerful and upbeat will attract someone of that disposition and that is likely to brighten your life in the long term.

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4. “Moonlit walks and quiet evenings by the fireplace sipping wine”

Sorry, I just fell asleep. Comments like this are highly average I’m afraid, so steer clear. Yes, unless you’re afraid of the dark, moonlit walks are great and the fireside is obviously a majorly cosy location. But this doesn’t tell us much about you as a person; everyone is ‘fun-loving’, ‘loves to travel’ and ‘isn’t sure what else to write!’ Make your profile stand out from the crowd. Use playful language, unique examples and give it a conversational feel, as if you were actually talking to the person in a bar.


5. Ex marks the zero chance of a successful date

It may not be obvious to you at the time, but when someone mentions their ex in a profile that is supposed to portray them, it makes it clear that you’re not over said lad/lady. While you’re at it, don’t bring up the ex for the first few dates either.


6. Looking for someone fun but down to earth”

Don’t say what you want your man to be like, and ESPECIALLY don’t say what you don’t want him to be like. This can come across as desperate, demanding and/or high maintenance, which is never going to draw someone in (wait until they’ve for you before you reveal your crazy, duh). Instead of being picky in your profile, turn on your inner Simon Cowell once you actually start to receive messages. That way you get all the options and you can whittle them down in your own time to your heart’s content.


7. You are only as good as your worst picture

A picture is worth 1000 words. You may have five great profile pictures posted, but if that sixth picture is a dodgy one it could very easily send someone running. Frustrating as this obsession with looks is, it’s largely unavoidable when a few images and lines of text are all someone has to go by, so try and present yourself in your very best light. It’s also worth saying that sexualising your photo gallery won’t score you many dates either. You may receive messages but it won’t be for the right reasons.


8. Short and sweet

Psychologically, small sections of text seem more appealing and approachable than chunky paragraphs.  Structure your profile in small, two to three sentence sections, with each area focussing into a different area of who you are. We reckon you’ll get much more success that way.


So all that’s left to say is GOOD LUCK!