The SW Experts | When Will I Find Love?
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When Will I Find Love?



This is a question singles ask me a lot during a reading; the answer varies with each individual. I understand how frustrating it is to be single, to have your heart ache, and want to meet someone special, because I didn’t meet my mate until my late forties. When I look back over my life, I can honestly say that I was usually happier being single than some of the relationships I had been in. Those relationships I was in that taught me a lot of AFGE. What’s an AFGE? Another F*cking Growth Experience!

Fifteen years ago I used to live across from the Wharton fire department in NJ, US. I often ask a question before going to sleep and get answers in my dreams. One night, I decide to ask my angels and guides, “When will I meet the one?” That night I had a dream where a bunch of fireman were singing the Diana Ross song lyrics, “You can’t hurry love, you just have to wait, love don’t come easy…”  I awoke laughing hysterically and said – okay I get it, I’ll wait.

So, what can you do when you before your partner comes in? Here are some of the things I and my clients did:

•       Enjoy being single! That’s right, there are some married people who are envying you right now. Instead of moaning you want someone, enjoy your life. You have no one to check in when you want to do go out with friends, buy something, take a class, or start a business. There might come a day, that you won’t be able to do those things as a result of being married and raising children.
•       Is all your energy focused on finding the one? Take a time out from dating! Just like you can never find your keys when you’re looking for them, you won’t find love when you are looking. Well, you might find someone, but it will be one hell of an AFGE! Been there, done that.
•       Make a list of the qualities you desire in your partner. It is important to list things such as single, honesty, good communicator, faithful, accepts me for who I am, and so forth. Please don’t list physical qualities as must haves. God is not going to bring you someone that you are not attracted to, besides you would not go out with them anyhow. Your perceived notions on how they are supposed to look could stop “The One” from coming in.

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•       Once you have your list of what you desire in a partner, make sure you have those qualities, if not work on them.
•       Be all that you can be. Nobody is perfect and there is always room for self-improvement. When you are single it is easier to work on your body, mind, and spirit.  You could join a gym, eat healthier, and learn how to dance or meditate. Perhaps, you need to get in touch with your creativity – cook, write, draw, or build something.
•       Many of us grew up in environments that were not healthy and left issues in our tissues. Or we may just have problems in adulthood. Addictions are often used to mask the pain. It is important to work on those issues and problems, let go of the addictions, in order to have freer and happier lives.
•       You can be picky in looking for your honey, however, do not be so choosey that you overlook a good one. Nobody is perfect, if they match most of the qualities on your list you need to give them a chance.

I hope it doesn’t take you as long as it took me to find the one. The one thing I know for sure, is the more I worked on my spirituality and self-growth, the healthier men I attracted. May you receive a higher love!