The SW Experts | Where are the quality men you wanted when you joined Online Dating
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Where are the quality men you wanted when you joined Online Dating

Good Quality Men

Are you tired of the disappointment that comes with only finding duds on your online dating website? Where are the quality men you dreamed of meeting when you signed up?!

There is a good chance that the reason you have not found your dream man has nothing to do with you or your personality. More likely, the issue is how you are presenting yourself to potential dates. The approach you take when participating in online dating is very important and will greatly affect your results. Get rid of the idea that “online dating is pointless” or “all the good ones are taken!” It is time to stop with the excuses and put your best foot forward.

There are common reasons why you may not have been successful at landing a quality man online to this point. If you make the adjustments and finesse your online profile, you can greatly improve your odds of finding that special match for you.

Photo gallery issues

Men are visual creatures. It is just a simple fact. This does not mean they are only looking for supermodels. An online photo gallery that is set up to show off your best features and interests, can be just as powerful as the written portion of your profile.

An interesting person is bound to attract other interesting people. If you can highlight your hobbies and life adventures, you have a good chance of attracting someone with similar tastes.

It is also important to choose photos that are consistently highlighting you in an attractive light. Posting mirror selfies or showing too much skin are common mistakes. You want to appear sexy and fun, not desperate or promiscuous. Good lighting and a nice filter will help you to get the best possible photo gallery.

You don’t stand out in the crowd

Of course the best quality men online are going to get some attention. When other women like you find a great catch, they are going to become very attentive and fast! Quality guys are seemingly few and far between so you must stand out in some way that will get you the attention you are looking for. A captivating profile, a interesting gallery of photos, and creative, playful conversation are necessary to attract the interest of potential dates.

Sitting around waiting for Mr. Right

Waiting around for the perfect man to show up at your doorstep will not get you very far. Life just doesn’t always unfold like a movie.  You may be waiting for emails, but your potential matches may be reading dozens of messages from other women who have discovered what a catch he is. You must be ready to compete with the rest of the dating pool and be a little aggressive.

Your conversations are a snorefest

Small talk about the weather is not going to cut it in this case. A man that is worth your time and interest is going to be looking for more than just a rocking body and a perfect face. Show off your conversational skills every chance you get. Convey how interesting you are by using charming, exciting stories and banter that leave him wanting more! He should be left feeling that he want to get to know the real woman behind the online conversation. Ask questions, but don’t overdo it. And yes, use proper grammar and spelling.

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