The SW Experts | Which Side Are You On?
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Which Side Are You On?

which side are you on

So, at the last count, the world’s population was 7 billion, that’s men, women & children from North to South, East to west, all colours, creeds, ages and DNA make-up.

As a single person, one who works in sales, I’m thinking that finding the right person is just a numbers game, right? Then I wonder, if I was creator of the world, wouldn’t it have been easier to give people a better indicator of who suits who the best? Maybe a series of dots on the back of each of us, like dominoes… just find the corresponding number of dots on someone else & you’re done!

Then I wonder, what if the creator did just that???

Alongside a lover, I’m also a friend, a colleague, a mentor, a trainer, a trainee etc and for each of these traits I need a different skill set, and a different attitude. To be the trainer I need to be strong & confident, to be the trainee I need to be open and willing to absorb new information. My portfolio has a range of emotional states to allow me to perform accordingly when I’m being each of these images of myself; my head could almost be a hexagon, with six different sides of my persona – and I think we’re all the same.

For each personal interaction, we show a certain side of our shape, either proactively or reactively, to the environment and those around us; those around us do the same.

Acclaimed mentors speak about surrounding oneself with positive people, this is done by being positive, because the side you chose to bring out attracts others to do the same – a little bit like fake it till you make it, you establish your emotion to attract a like emotion. Many people struggle with this, either due to not acknowledging that this is possible, or slightly worse, not being sure how to express different emotions – usually because they’ve not practised.

[Tweet “People should have dots on their back, then you just have to find the corresponding dots #dating”]

Interestingly, opening up your sides to different audiences can be beneficial even when you don’t attract the right response, as we leave ourselves open to criticism and acclaim alike. This helps us with self-efficacy, allowing us to refine and reboot, growing and developing as socially interactive creatures. Without opening ourselves up this way, we become inward looking, inhibited and anti-social, as we do not know how to respond and interact with others.

Looking for someone to love? Show how you can love. You may find at first that you’re too keen, then too relaxed, but eventually, you will be the perfect blend, sending out the right stimulus to others. If you find people don’t react to this is the same way, find some more people! Go find the domino dots 🙂