The SW Experts | Who Pay’s?
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Who Pay’s?

who pays

Times are Changing

Times have changed to where women are now asking men out. However, for whatever reason, the expectations of who pays have not. This is unrealistic! He who asks, pays. Ladies if you ask a man out, make sure you are ready to flip the bill as you would expect him to pay if he asked you out. So many women complain that chivalry is dead when, in fact, it’s the women who have changed the rules. Equality means expect what you’re willing to give. To expect something for nothing is insanity! Now men, you should always practice basic manners; now that means pulling out her chair, open her door, and stand when she leaves the table. This shows respect and appreciation for her. No matter if this is your first date or years into the relationship, making sure you’re both treating each other with respect needs to be priority. You should both bring something to the table. This is done by matching each other; splitting the bill, offering to pick up the tip, etc. Never expect something you yourself cannot give and always offer to help.

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Appreciate Eachother

Couple with drinks in restaurant, woman giving man credit card

This shows your appreciation, respect, and the ability to collaborate with each other. There will be instances where you or him will want to plan a special trip or a night out, then DO NOT expect anything from you partner. This would be the one of the times that you’ll be solely responsible for the bill unless they offer to help. This is not a 50/50 split it is more like picking up the tip or something small. Never expect something in return for your generosity and always be mindful of the others feelings. One can feel taken advantage of or unappreciated for their generosity, that can start to create tension. This is a good way for a great relationship to fail real fast. Most marriages end due to money issues, so if you can’t get it together before then, what does that say for you? When sole responsibilities are put on one individual, it doesn’t say much for the other person. Making sure equality, courtesy, respect, and generosity are shared will make for a successful date and possible relationships. We all want someone we can share our life with, so why wouldn’t you show them what a great partner you will be?

Have a great one,