The SW Experts | Why Did I Marry A Russian Woman?
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Why Did I Marry A Russian Woman?


Much said about the good virtues of Russian women and i’m sure you yourself have a few reasons to fancy those girls, as they do have peculiarities to present. This article is more of an insider story as I’m going to tell you how I met my Russian wife – maybe some of you will find this story encouraging in your Slavic bride seekings, or simply enjoy the happy-end story i am lucky enough to fall within.


It all happened back in 2000, at the beginning of winter. At that time i was divorced for over a year and felt quite down and out. My young daughter was living with me, thought we didn’t have much of cordial father-daughter relationship. She was attending school and i was working full time; cutting short – though living together we both felt rather lonely and needing some contiguity.


One night I was surfing the net doing whatever, when online dating site commercial popped out. It is not like I had some expectations or looking for the way to manage my personal life. At the mood I was in for that time there was nothing in particular to occur to me. I just wanted to make a simple talk to someone about my age and dating site appeared to be the variant to do it. My daughter teased me a little, kicking on me “looking for a hot date”. And that is what actually happened in a way, as I wrote to several girls and some of them responded. I even got one of them for a date – we had a dinner and the movies. Though it was nothing much serious so I continued my path as a bachelor.

It took me a while before I realized that something happens to me. In April 2001 I have found myself getting back to one and same profile over and over again. It was one that belonged to a woman named Marina. Even though I have read through her profile for about five or six times I didn’t pay much of attention to where she was from. After some oscillation I decided to write her. Though it was a bit nerve-racking, I calmed myself with a thought that the worst thing that may happen is her not responding me. So I pulled myself together and wrote her a few sentences, greeting her at the site and telling few words about me.  To my gladness, later this evening I received a response from her. She briefly replied me with some information about her, telling that she was from Latvia (former USSR) and asked me to write more about myself and my life expectations. It was like an insight to me, as the way she made her question caused me the whole bunch of thoughts about my life sense and perspective. I haven’t thought about it in that way, that made me even more attracted to this lady as she have awaken in me the interest to my own life.

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That’s what our correspondence has started with – we were chatting daily for several months before I came to a thought that I want to hear her voice. As I told her about it she made me feel even happier saying that it is mutual. So I bought myself a phone card and called her on Thursdays after my working hours. It took me time (oh, silly) to realize the time difference, which explained her sleepy and nervous mood which was close to mine as I was also influenced by my working day. Bit later we have changed Thursdays to Saturdays to make it more comfortable for both of us. After a period of the telephone conversations I said that I want to meet her in person. We both got very excited with this idea. So for the next few weeks she got herself busy with fixing her apartment and I took all the travel arrangements.

In September 2001, when all the preparations were done, I took my trip to Marina’s place. She said that she is very nervous about the first meeting and asked her sister to be around as we meet to shake off the tension. As I arrived, ladies represented cordial and warm reception, acquainting me with their family and the whole background. As the whole communication in general, our face to face meeting and living communication with Marina appeared to be as gradual as the virtual one, giving us both time to know and get use to features of our character.

Now I am proud to call this woman my wife and happy to share a home, so as life with her back at my place, San Antonio, Texas.