The SW Experts | Why Wife Swapping or Swinging May Be Perfect for You
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Why Wife Swapping or Swinging May Be Perfect for You

Miley Cyrus is getting a divorce after only eight months of being married, and she cited still being attracted to girls as one of the reasons. Wife swapping is certainly not for everyone but had Ms. Cyrus and her now-ex Liam Hemsworth considered the swinging lifestyle, their marriage might have lasted much longer. Below we discuss how swinging can improve your relationship and ensure a long and loving marriage between two people who play by the rules, respect each other, and believe an open relationship is the thing of the future.

What is Swinging?

Formerly known as wife swapping, swinging is a lifestyle that involves couples or singles who choose to allow their partners to have sex with other people while still being committed to each other. Swingers need to be honest at all times, show lots of love and respect, follow the rules they both agree on, get tested for STDs regularly, use protection, be selective when jumping into bed with other people, and keep this lifestyle under wraps because not that many people understand it. Couples who are good at swinging swear by it and say it has done wonders for their relationships.

What Can Swinging Bring Into Your Life? two sets of feet coming out of the bed covers

Swingers seek one or more partners purely for sexual pleasure and excitement, especially if their main partners cannot fully satisfy them in bed. For instance, when one partner has a fetish the other one cannot come to terms with, they resort to swinging so that the former is fully sexually satisfied and the latter does not have to do something that they do not want to. Some couples choose to play with other couples and would never have sex with another person unless their partner was present. Their swinging partners may be of the same sex or different depending on their mood or the rules they have set. You can resort to swinging when your partner is away, or the wife had just had a baby, or you feel incredible sexual attraction towards someone but would never do anything behind your partner’s back. Things definitely never get boring as swinging more than spices things up in the bedroom.

Why You Should Try Swinging?

Experienced swingers say that this lifestyle boosts their egos, their self-confidence is at a much higher level, and they are usually in a much better mood. Their relationships last longer when there is less pressure to be monogamous or do certain things in the bedroom. What’s more, they claim they have happy marriages and a lovely family life thanks to the fact they can see other people on the side, and seek sexual pleasure outside their loving relationship where both people agree this is what works for them. They are very discreet when it comes to choosing their side partners and very few people if any from their inner circle know about their wild sex life. The people who are always the last ones to find out or they remain in the dark forever are the children. Swingers keep their sex life pretty secret, which kind of makes it even more exciting.