The SW Experts | You Are Never Too Old to Introduce Swinging into Your Sex Life
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You Are Never Too Old to Introduce Swinging into Your Sex Life

Having a desire to change up your sex life is definitely not age-related. You are never too old to try out new sex practices and have a bit more fun in the bedroom. One of the possibilities is swinging, especially if it is something you have wanted to try for years but it never felt like the time was right. These days, the number of senior swingers is on the rise, and you are sure to find the perfect couple to try something new with. That said, here are some tips just to make sure that your experience is a pleasant one.

Don’t rush into it

Swinging might have been something you have been fantasizing about for years, maybe decades, and you are just now ready to actually give it a shot. But don’t rush into it. You should take the time to go over all the possible issues with your partner and find the perfect couple to swing with. The first step is to do your research together, see what options are available, and maybe read up on some experiences that other couples have had with swinging, as well as some of the obstacles they have encountered. It is important to discuss each and every step of the process and to stress if either of you feels uncomfortable with some of the practices included in swinging. There is a good chance that your partner has not as much time to consider this particular sex play, so you need to be patient and give them more time. And as for finding the perfect couple to try it with, there are some great tips on that in the following paragraph.couple sitting outside in the sunrise

Make sure you choose the right swinging partners

This is probably the most important factor for your first swinging experience to be a pleasant one. Now, here you should definitely consider age, and find a couple who is closer to your age group. That way, you can ensure that all the expectations are met. We need to be honest with ourselves, and accept that regardless of how great a shape we are in now, it is not close to the one we were in twenty or more years ago. So finding a couple who is in a similar shape as you might help with the compatibility when it comes to swinging. This is, of course, optional. If you have some age preferences, you should, by all means, try to pursue them, as it might make you encounter that much more pleasurable. Another important aspect when it comes to choosing the right partner is trust. Spend some time with the other couple, make sure you agree on what you are comfortable with and what you are not. That way when it comes to the actual fun part, both couples can have a great time. And as for swinging parties, better save that until you get a bit more experienced in this sex practice.


So even if you are at the threshold of your golden years, you shouldn’t give up on trying out new sex practices like swinging, especially if you have considered it for a while. There is no age limit when it comes to having fun in the bedroom, especially nowadays where most things considered taboo in the past are a part of the mainstream sex culture. So, what are you waiting for?