The SW Experts | You’ve Got a Draw. This And Other Surefire Clues, You’ve Got Him.
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You’ve Got a Draw. This And Other Surefire Clues, You’ve Got Him.

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Actions speak louder than words. We’ve all heard that phrase. Research studies have proven that ninety-three percent of all real communication is non-verbal. This is true in all aspects of our life, yes, even our personal life. So as you embark on a new relationship, pay close attention to what he does not just what he says.

Here are 5 unspoken clues that he’s totally into you:

1. Feeding you

Food is the sustenance of life. It is the primary way we care for our bodies. It’s not only important for our health but our soul as well. That’s why dinners are such an important dating tradition. Treating you to a meal is a great first step in the relationship paradigm. If he takes it one step further and actually feeds you a bite or preps a little taste of something (like spreading the cheese on a cracker and serving you before making one little app for himself) – you’ve got a prime candidate for a long term relationship.

2. Sweet Little Nothing PDA’s

While not everyone is into public displays of affection but it is a definitive clue that your guy is sweet on you. The fact that he is open and willing to hold your hand around others, or kiss you in public, it is a clear sign that he’s proud to be with you. It’s also a good indicator that there isn’t anyone else in the picture.

3. Friendly Introductions

The fact that your new guy wants to introduce you to his closest friends and/or family speaks volumes. If he was on the bubble about how he felt, or thought his friends would give him a hard time about you, he’d keep you in the closet (so to speak).

4. Daily Texts

The true sign that he’s head-over-heels is in his level of texting. Does he send you sweet texts in the AM? Do you get a good night text? Check-ins throughout the day? Are there a pile of emoticons attached to his words? Trust me he’s not sending those kind of communications to anyone else.

5. The Drawer

The biggest and clearest sign of commitment is when he proffers a drawer at his place. If you’ve gotten to the infamous third date, or beyond, and you’ve determined the sex is good, congrats. If the next step in his wooing you is a drawer in his bathroom cabinet for your toothbrush you’ve hit pay dirt. You are in.  Now it’s up to you to decide if you want to actually keep a few of your goodies in that drawer.

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The non-verbal love clues are around you all the time. You just have to pay attention and give them the weighty meaning they deserve. Your relationship should always be more about what he ‘does’ vs. what he ‘says.’ After all, words are easy, actions, not so much.


Have you met a new guy recently? Any action clues you’ve notices not mentioned here? Please share them with us at